OOC News

Triple SD accumulation!

March 26th 2023 - Corresponding with the event happening in the Starlight Terrace, SD has been tripled on all IC posts until April 2nd, 2023. Keep in mind that the Stardust IC is localized to the 'Ghost Festival' thread.

Two weeks until grand opening!

March 22nd 2023 - We have now announced a date for grand opening, along with an explanation of what that entails, and the content that will be finished by then. Importantly, there is also an activity check which you must post at to ensure your accounts aren't deleted.

Start a band! No, not that kind of band...

February 12th 2023 - With our new update, we've introduced bands - these are small groups of 3-4 adult wolves with some of the benefits of a full pack! We also reveal our roadmap to v1.0 grand opening, and how you can help!

New content just dropped-

January 6th 2023 - We've got loads of new stuff for you to get caught up on! You can read all about it here. We've got combat systems and hunting systems and PvP systems, oh my! It's a lot to take in, so if you'd rather just get stuck in and have someone talk you through it, we are available to guide you! We also have a new layout contest for the art-inclined among you, with a juicy 100 SD grand prize!

Site discussion

January 3rd 2023 - Welcome back, we hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season and that you're as excited as we are to write together again! We've got an open discussion thread about what you'd like to see on the site moving forwards! We're open to everyone's ideas and suggestions, so please join in and tell us how you'd like to see the site evolve and grow!

Spooky Season Events!

October 28th 2022 - We have a number of OOC and IC Spooky Season events occurring! We're encouraging a lot of creativity via the players with this - go wild and have fun~ In order to claim any IC Event SD (The Invocation, The Primordial, or any random Primordial events), please post here! If you have any questions about the events, feel free to reach out to any GM.

Stats, magic tiers and mutations

October 2nd 2022 - We have a new update for you to read! Stats and magic tiers are now properly linked with your account when you purchase them in the shop. We've also removed the cap on minor mutations, and added an in-character location for characters to gain any new mutations you choose to give them!

Welcome to Elegeia!

September 1st 2022 - A warm welcome to our members old and new as we embark on this exciting new journey! Elegeia is currently in open Beta while we test out our new features. Some elements of gameplay are not quite ready to be used yet, but we're as excited as you are to get roleplaying, so we'll be introducing additional systems later on. In the meantime, please feel free to register your characters and get posting! We recommend reading this update for the headlines, and joining the Discord if you have any questions.

IC News

March 20th, 2023 - ghost festival - Riftan, who has been trying to gather those with ties to the Old Gods, found himself longing for the Stardust Festival which would usually have been held by the Gods. Undeterred by their absence, he has thrown his own feast in the Starlit Terrace, welcoming those of the old ways, and those with new and different beliefs.

February 27th, 2023 - rejoice, reunion - After being taken in by Riftan, Gilliflower has finally been reunited with her brother, Buckwheat, who was wandering Elegeia on his own. Though the siblings are now together again, they are feeling the absence of their remaining family, who are still unaccounted for.

February 25th - Land ho - A group of seafaring merchants have weighed anchor at the Crescent Reef. The tightly-knit Draxims have not yet staked their claim, but they certainly seem ready to make some waves!

February 13th 2023 - by His guiding light - Melria has begun settling the Faithful in Lambent Grasslands, seeking to create their own band with their religious followers.

February 12th 2023 - My heart, my hearth, my home - The Lunasol, a group of wolves who worship the sun and moon, entered Elegeia and have been scouting out the lands. Split into two rival factions, the Luna clan have been more successful in their growth so far and are looking to stake their claim over a portion of the Alpine Cascade!

January 7th 2023 - Fields of Eden - More wolves have been gathering in Elegeia, and with that gathering there comes a hunger - a hunger for meat! Wolves are banding together to bring down larger, more satisfying prey. Perhaps a larger alliance can come from their display of teamwork?

November 18th 2022 - by her command - A group calling themselves simply "the faithful" have begun scouting out a place to call home, in their quest to spread their faith with the wolves of Elegeia.

November 2nd 2022 - the old is new again. - Vandalarius, head of the old mafia pack, has made a bid to call Malavita's members back home. But after so long in limbo, the question remains as to how many will answer.

October 28th 2022 - Wolves have journeyed to the Starlit Terrace through the fog, only to find an ancient and mysterious power there. The Primordial has announced itself to all and all are invited to gather!

October 26th 2022 - A heavy fog has covered all of Elegeia, save for the epicenter of the mysterious event: The Starlit Terrace. Orbs of Soul are guiding wolves to the large island for some reason. But why?

August 30th 2022 - This land has lain dormant for many years, the last remaining inhabitants coerced into a deep slumber. While they slept, the magic of the old gods seeped into the land, mingling with the latent power of the region and becoming something else entirely. The old ways are gone; only a few remain to pay homage to what once was. Something new has been born from their final lament: Elegeia.




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